Lynn Herklots, Artist in residence

Birches, (2013) Oil on canvas panels

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Update: November 1, 2019

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The holiday shopping season is here, and our consignors are discovering additional ways to express their artistry. Each week new items appear at the front door of ARTicles Gallery - reminding us that   creativity is always in season. 

At ARTicles we are pleased to be able to offer an ever-changing array of items from a growing number of local consignors and a select group of other nearby New England artisans.

If you are in the area, please feel free to stop in and peek around to see what is new in our four rooms of creative

gift offerings.


It continues to amaze us that so many gifted local individuals unexpectedly will stop in to share examples of their work. 

While we are unable to feature everyone's creations, we feel privileged to have met so many people, to have heard their stories, and to have been inspired by their unique and very personal artistic journeys.

Perhaps there is no more rewarding feeling for a local artist / artisan than to know that others finally are getting the chance to see (and appreciate) their creations.


So please stop in to see what (and who) is new at ARTicles Gallery.

List of our current

artists, artisans, and product lines:


Lynn Herklots - Owner, Artist-in Residence


Normand Chartier

Marnie Bourque

Donald Greene

Sharon Holden

Fran Bousquet

Healing Touch Pottery

Goose Pond Ornaments

Catherine Bazinet

Bedrock Tree Farm

Ruth Bollo

Bonair Greeting Cards

Erin Holden

Ellen Pratt

Nancy Reid Carr Jewelry

Jim Caswell

Peggy Canalori

Virginia Chase

Leanne Church

Alison Ciarlante

Julie Caprera

Janell Colburn

Ed Correia

Teri Fournier

Energi Beads

Joan Casenelli

Sharon Palin

Kathy Morin

Laura Lehto

Miranda Simao

Glendarragh Lavender

Paul Grenier

Richard Herklots

Wee 1 Designs

Sue Burdick

Vickie Gaudiano

Molly Arnio 

Marie Beauchemin

Bonita Woodward                              

Everything in a Mug                           Amy Diggett

David LaChance                        Bonita Woodward

Donna Lange                                   Dorothy Ennis

Erica Mann                                            Geri Haines

Gail Porter                                        Hilda Blodgett

Kathy Doan                                             Mary Ames 

JoAnn Johnson                                 Kerry DeWolfe  Nancy Dziki                                          Nancy McGrath  Pam Cadro                                                     Paula Hall

Patty Langer                                              Paul Swiacke


plus Vintage selections


Jennifer Kuszaj

Anna Mancini

Allison Nunn

Glenn Shaffer

Theresa Rzepa

Donna Lynch

JBJ Fiber Art

Sparrow Soaps

Teagan & Ash Jewelry

Robert Macneil

Amy Jakowski

Jennifer Judd-Mcgee

Kimberly Kantharaj

Melanie Sposato

Michelle Lyon

Jean Palazzi

David Pierson

Poppy Seed

Ernie Provencher

Denise Rathbun

Cheryl Ray

Lisa Roberts

Suzanne Rosendahl

Lisa Santangini

Kristen Soyden

Semaki & Bird

Arlene Sweet

Don Taylor

Gail Trudeau

Michelle Woz 

Winter Hill Jewelry

Rachel Budd

Robin Byrne

Victoria Jacques

Normand Durand

Nils Lee

Christine Mailhot

Jane Ruffo